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You may explore this site as you wish, but you must not carry any of the information you find on Toy Equestrian web site (www.toyequestrian.co.uk) (toyequestrian.co.uk) on to your own web site, sell, distribute, or any other activity that is considered illegal by copyright law. The use of information on ToyEquestrian.co.uk is strictly forbidden unless otherwise stated.

TRADEMARKS, COPYRIGHTS AND PROPRIETARY RIGHTS: All the materials you see on ToyEquestrian.co.uk are protected with either; Trademarks, Copyright, and other Intellectual Proprietary Rights which fully restricts you from using that information. If you use this information when it has been clearly stated to you, you will be held responsible and may have legal action taken against you from their respected owners. You must contact the owner if you wish to use their Copyrighted Text, Articles, Logos, Banners and other Graphic Design.

Link Exchange: We currently only equestrian related websites and toy shops. This includes online toy shops, tack shops, riding, stable and equestrian building and other equestrian services.

External Sites: We take no responsibility for the content you find on other websites. It is in your complete discretion to come and go from shops, stores, retailers and services from the UK and Worldwide. We can not be responsible for your actions. Although we do take every care to insure the safety restrictions on websites, we can’t promise anything as we may have missed something or the web site owner adds new content we are unaware of from when we first reviewed and listed there web site.