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Safari Ltd Horses
Safari Ltd are producing of hand painted, durable plastic model horses, based on real horse breeds. We feature a wide range of Safari horses, most of them featuring a five-language educational hang tag. Safari Ltd horse are a similar size to those from Schleich and Papo, so therefore you can mix and match these wonderful model horses with them. If your new to Safari Ltd, you won't be disappointed with quality.
Andalusian Stallion
Andalusian Stallion by Safari Ltd
True-to-life modeling - meticulously hand painted. Five-language educational hang tag included.
Appaloosa Foal
Appaloosa Foal by Safari Ltd
Walking proud Appaloosa Foal by Safari ltd.
Appaloosa Mare
Appaloosa Mare by Safari Ltd
Stretched Appaloosa Mare finished in brown with patches of white and a darker brown hair finish.
Barb Gelding
Barb Gelding by Safari Ltd
Standing tall Barb Gelding model Safari Ltd toy horse finished in shades of browns.
Chincoteague Pony
Chincoteague Pony by Safari Ltd
Interesting looking Chincoteague Pony hand painted in white with highlights of brown across the body.
Clydesdale Foal
Clydesdale Foal by Safari Ltd
Safari Ltd Clydesdale Foal in a trotting position. Hand painted in shades of brown with hints of white.
Clydesdale Mare
Clydesdale Mare by Safari Ltd
Clydesdale Mare by Safari Ltd, may look down in the dumps but just looking where she's walking.
Clydesdale Stallion
Clydesdale Stallion by Safari Ltd
Clydesdale Stallion standing straight and proud with a nice coat of brown on body with hints of other colours.
Friesian Stallion
Friesian Stallion by Safari Ltd
This stropping chap is a Friesian Stallion toy horse by Safari Ltd.
Jutland Heavy
Jutland Heavy by Safari Ltd
Cute Jutland Heavy finished in a nice brown finish with an off brown/sandy hair colour.
Morgan Foal
Morgan Foal by Safari Ltd
Safari Ltd Morgan Foal. This young girl is in a standing position with his tail out straight.
Percheron Gelding
Percheron Gelding by Safari Ltd
Percheron Gelding toy horse by Safari finished in hints of white, light blue body.
Quarter Horse Mare
Quarter Horse Mare by Safari Ltd
Quarter Horse Mare standing tall hand painted in a nice brown coat.
Tennessee Walking Mare
Tennessee Walking Mare white her hair catching the wind.
Trakehner by Safari Ltd
Nice and bright Trakehner toy horse by Safari Ltd.
Welsh Pony
Welsh Pony By Brand
Cute running Welsh Pony.