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Papo Horses
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Papo Lipizzan Mare
Nicely painted in white with hints of blue/purple horse by Papo.
Papo Lusitanian Horse
Dark brown licking foal by Papo.
Papo Mini Horses Set 2
Six mini versions of classic Papo models. Each model is approximately 5cm long by 3 cm high
Papo Irish Cob
Beautifully detailed black and white Irish Cab by Papo.
Papo Percheron Foal
Lying down off white Papo Percheron Foal with hints of purple and white spots.
Papo Percheron Horse
Papo Percheron Horse hand painted in incredible shades and colours.
Papo Pinto Mare Suckling
White and light brown horse mare by Papo.
Papo Reared Up Black Horse
Reared toy horse standing on his back feet.
Papo Reared Up Horse White
Reared up white Papo horse.
Papo Riding Set 2
Riding set 2 Riding girl, farm dog, and Andalousian horse with saddle.
Papo Riding Set
.Riding set of 3 Rider, farm dog and andalusian horse with saddle.
Papo Shetland
Wonderfully made and sturdy Shetland by Papo.
Papo Shire Horse Foal French version
Beautiful lying down brown horse by Papo.
Papo Shire Horse Mare French version
Beautifully made hand panited horse in shades of brown with white feet by Pepo.
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