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Rags to Riches
Rags to Riches by Breyer
Arabian Horse is considered to be the oldest, purest breed & has contributed its bloodlines.
Salinero Hanoverian
Hand finished and painted, Keltec Salinero Hanoverian is one of the worlds greatest dressage horses.
Sheik AF Hallundbaek Knabstrupper
Chances are you've never seen a horse quite like the Sheik Of Hallundback.
Theodore O'Connor
A sprightly looking creature, Theodore O'Connor is a 14.1-hand Thoroughbred Sport Pony gelding.
Trait du Nord
Trait du Nord by Breyer
Breyer Horse Trait du Nord Traditional collectible model horse in scale 1:9.
Twilight Appaloosa Foal Blue Roan
Beautiful black and white foal from Breyer. Two white feet, white markings on face and spots on the body.
Weedo Appaloosa
Weedo Appaloosa by Breyer
Weedo Appaloosa horse in scale 1:9 by Breyer Traditional. Beautifully sculptured and hand painted to the finest detail.
Western Performance Riding Set
Authentic yet made for fun! Tack up your horse with these great accessories compatible with Breyer Traditional 1:9.
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