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Breyer Traditional 1:9 Black Beauty & Book

Brand: Breyer Traditional

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Product Description
If only horses could talk: what would they say! In Anna Sewell Black Beauty, a wise old horse recounts the joys and adversities of his life as a riding and carriage horse in London. From a carefree colt in the English countryside to a burdened cab horse in the city, he is infrequently cared for with compassion and more often than not broken down by cruelty and ill-use. ' Anna Sewell wrote Black Beauty, her first and only novel. In the late 1870s with intentions of reaching the people who worked with horses every day and opening their minds to how horses should be treated with kindness and sympathy. Black Beauty and the characters of some of his equine companions, like Ginger and Merrylegs, created a realization that with patience and appropriate training, a horse can become a reliable, friendly mount. However, even horses with a gentle temperament are not always handled with care. Released on a new mold for 2007, Black Beauty is now part of the Young Readers Series and is packaged with a paperback version of Anna Sewell's novel.
Toy Safety
Manufacturer's minimum age: 3 years. To avoid choking on small parts.
  • Breyer Traditional Accessories - 1:9 scale
  • Model scale: 1:9
  • Approximate dimensions: 25 x 7 x 19 cm