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Breyer Traditional
Breyer Traditional horses make a wonderful gift idea for any horse lover in the family. Whether they are used as a toy or as a collection, you will welcome any Breyer Traditional horse into the family. We feature a large range of Breyer Traditional in all poses and breeds, in the popular 1:9 scale. Furthermore, Breyer also provide a great range of accessories for your model horses; from tack, corral to stables.
Breyer Traditional
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Black Beauty & Book
Black Beauty is now part of the Young Readers Series and is packaged with a paperback version of Anna Sewell's novel.
Bonanza's Cochise Black/White Pinto
Bonanz'a Cochise Black and White Pinto.
Paint Foal Tokoda
Looking around with shy eyes, this lovely Paint Foal is a tobiano chestnut with flaxen mane and tail.
Creamsicle Pinto Draft Foal
Beautiful Clydesdale foal. Creamsicle, tan and white foal. Each model is created from a artist's sculpture.
Dapple Grey Stallion
Breyer Traditional Limited Ediiton Dapple Grey Stallion in scale 1:9.
Fizz Foal
Fizz Foal by Breyer
Breyer Fizz Foal horse in scale 1:9 from the popular Breyer Traditional model horse range.
Fizz Red Roan American Quarter
Fizz the cantering foal a lovely foal posed ready for playing, Light tan with white face and one white ankle.
Idocus Grand Prix Dressage Champion
Grand Prix Dressage Champion, Idocus sport horse.
Kuchi Gypsy Vanner Horse
Price: £22.95
Kuchi, Gypsy Vanner is a beautiful black and white small Shire horse.
Locarno 62 Horse
One of the most successful and best-loved horses currently on the European show jumping circuit.
Mon Gamin Selle Francais
Breyer Traditional 1:9 scale horse, the Mon Gamin Selle Francais.
My Favorite Horse Arabian
My favourite horse 'Arabian' is a lovely tan coloured horse, has three white hooves and a beautiful light tan mane.
Newsworthy by Breyer
Breyer Traditional Newsworthy model horse in scale 1:9 from from durable plastic and hand painted.
Passport to Model Horse Collecting
The German Trakehner warmblood horse comes with a 36 page horse passport.
Quickstep Foal
Quickstep Foal by Breyer
Quickstep, the scratching foal is a lovely brown foal with two white feet and white tail.
Pippin by Breyer
Pippin model horse is the result of a competition staged by Breyer in partnership with The Pony Club.
Pony Family Gift Set
Whether running wild or performing under saddle these pint-sized equines are easy to love.
Bluegrass Bandit
Breyer Traditional walking Bluegrass Bandit horse in scale 1:9
ELCR Dapple Grey
ELCR Dapple Grey by Breyer
Breyer Traditional ELCR Dapple Grey in scale 1:9. Feauting a beautiful off white and grey colour.
Fox Valley Oliver Shire Horse
Fox Valley Oliver, an 18 hand Shire, excels in halter and driving competitions.
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