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Breyer Classics 1:12 Appaloosa Chestnut

Brand: Breyer Classics

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Product Description
Beautiful Appaloosa Horse, Chestnut with white spots. Three white feet and white stripe on face. Appaloosa are descendants of the spotted horses bred by the Nez Perce Indians, in the 1800's. Appaloosa have four indentifiable characteristics: coat pattern, mottled skin (a speckled or blotchy pattern of pigmented and non pigmented skin), white sclera (sclera is the area round the eyes which encircles the iris), and striped hooves. Appaloosa horses are especially coveted when they have a wildly varied coat pattern. Their breed registry, The Appaloosa Horse Club, recognizes 13 base colours of coat (bay, grulla, palomino, etc) and six coat patterns, in addition to solid within those base colours: blanket, spots, blanket with spots, oan, roan blanket, and roan blanket with spots. Perfect for the younger collector, the Classics line is a great introduction into the wonderful world of model horses. Join new friends and enjoy learning about different breeds and how to take care of your horses with exciting interactive accessories that provide hours of fun.
Toy Safety
Manufacturer's minimum age: 3 years. To avoid choking on small parts.
  • Breyer Classics - 1:12 scale
  • Model scale: 1:12
  • Approximate dimensions: 23 x 5 x 16 cm