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Horses Value Pack (PC CD)

Platform: Windows Vista / XP

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Product Description

Join Marie and her equestrian friends in a game for anyone who loves ponies!

Start off by creating your own pony; you can choose the colour, the tail, the mane style and the breed. You will have to look after your pony making sure it is properly fed and that its stable is nice and clean.

Help Marie compete in a variety of tournaments, including show-jumping, dressage and cross country. But beware - there are lots of riders who also want to win the first prize rosettes, and they'll do everything they can to make sure you don't win!


Fully animated, realistic 3D ponies
Play solo or compete with your friends on the same computer, online, or over a network
Unlock new courses, challenges and items.
Create your own pony
Make new friends
Feed, train and care for your pony
Compete in tournaments
Create your own show-jumping courses

Pippa Funnel Take The Reins


You have been selected to attend the prestigious Sycamores Riding School in Scotland!

Discover life at school with students that are just as enthusiastic about horse riding as you are. Improve your skills, make new friends and become the champion of the academy.

Travel to Scotland, Morocco and the United States and compete in challenging competitions.

The competition promises to be thrilling.


For the first time, the action takes place at an exciting academy in Scotland
Make new friends in this all new adventure
Organise your activities thanks to a new timetable interface
6 championships and 18 different courses to practice on
Features the champion Pippa Funnell as a real 3D character
Take care of your horse, understand its needs and gain its trust.
Compete against up to 4 players in the cross country trials.
Become the best with advice from Pippa Funnell, the sponsor of your development.
Test yourself against other students in 6 competitions in Scotland, Morocco or the United States

Pippa Funnel The Stud Farm Inheritance

Great news: you've just inherited a stud farm! But there is one condition: you have to organise a big horse tournament at the stud farm. But be careful - some people are not keen on this project!


Manage your own stud farm - personalise your stable and your stud farm yourself.
Rebuild the stud farm how you want it.;Train and take care of your horses to make them gain experience points.
Train like a real professional and choose and ride your favorite horses.
Take part in all the different competitions including dressage and show jumping.
Pippa will guide you through the competitions and give you helpful advice.
Live a passionate equestrian adventure.
Prove your success in the several available missions, and challenge Pippa in the final!
Unlimited game play: keep on managing your stud farm once the adventure is over.

  • Platform: Windows Vista / XP
  • My Pony Club
  • Pippa Funnel Take The Reins
  • Pippa Funnel The Stud Farm Inheritance
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