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The Horse Box Collection (PC CD)

Platform: Windows XP

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Product Description
The perfect gift for horse-lovers everywhere!

Ellen Whitaker - The Horse Mystery

An enthralling mix of adventure, puzzle-solving, horse riding action and information on learning to care for your horse!

Amanda is moving from the city to live on a farm in the countryside called Springdale. Sad to be leaving all her friends behind, her father has promised to buy her a horse of her own. Amanda soon feels at home and makes friends with Annie who also has her own horse too.

Amanda also has her eye on a boy called Marcus who knows just about everything there is to know about horses! Annie is not too keen on Marcus and always acts strangely when he's around.

But, it's not only Annie that acts strangely around Marcus - everybody does! Is there a reason for this? Just what is going on in the mysterious stable?


  • Choose from 5 horses to buy
  • Look after your horse: feed it, muck out its stable, groom it etc.
  • Learn to ride your horse and enter into competitions to win prize money
  • Use your winnings to purchase accessories for your horse
  • Requires detective and investigative skills to solve the mystery
  • Develops problem-solving, creativity and logical thinking skills
Pony Luv

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own horse, then Pony Luv is the perfect way to fulfil your ambition.

In Pony Luv, you get to raise elegant and adorable ponies that stay cute forever. Players are responsible for naming, feeding, grooming and playing with their very own virtual ponies. How well you meet these affects the bond you develop with your pet. With proper care and attention you’ll be able to train your pony to perform tricks so you can enter him/her into competitions to win prizes.


  • Raise one of 6 different ponies- varieties include: Dartmoor, Chincoteague, Dales, Welsh Mountain, Connemara or Fell
  • Develop a stronger bond with your pony by keeping it well fed and watered, and it’s stable clean
  • Purchase supplies at the local Pony shop, including oats & hay, water, brushes, shampoos, toys and coloured accessories
  • Teach your pony several tricks, including walk, trot, canter, salute, half-pirouette - all through a series of hand signals
  • Enter competitions to show your newly trained pony
  • 2 types of competitions, race & dressage
Riding Champion Legacy of Rosemond Hill

Ride, jump and compete at the Rosemond Hill Estate!

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own horse, or are lucky enough to have one, you’ll love this exciting riding simulation game that takes place at the glorious Rosemond Hill Estate. Annie has always dreamt of owning her own horse, and when she receives an unexpected inheritance, her dream is fulfilled. It’s up to you to make sure Annie and her horse become a winning team. Make new friends, groom your horse, and practice hard to bring home the blue ribbon.


  • Select from 25 different horses to groom and train
  • Jump and ride through the hills and trails surrounding Rosemond Hill
  • Ride successfully and gain access to more difficult competition levels
  • Platform: Windows XP
  • Ages 3 and Over
  • Ellen Whitaker The Horse Mystery
  • Pony Luv
  • Riding Champion Legacy of Rosemond Hill
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