PC Horse Computer Games
Browse and buy PC horse games for Windows XP and Vista, including for old operating systems such as 2000 and ME. Computer horse games vary by developer, but you can expect to find horse games with racing, horse back riding and show jumping fun. The great advantage of playing your horse games on your desktop, you can play with your keyboard or use a joystick just like popular games consoles.
101 Pony Pets (PC CD)
Price: £4.19
Choose from over 101 cute, adorable ponies or simply adopt them all.
Disney Princess Royal Horse Show (PC CD)
Price: £2.49
Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora and Belle are preparing a Royal Horse Show, and guess what, you're invited.
Ellen Whitaker: The Horse Mystery (PC CD)
Price: £0.55
If you like horses then you'll love this interactive mystery game.
Let's Ride Corral Club Horse Riding
Price: £6.89
Corral Club lets you own and care for the horse of your dreams! Select a horse, choose a riding outfit and of you go.
My Horse And Me: Limited Edition
Price: £16.16
Delivering all the excitement and fun of the equestrian life, from sports and leisure riding to horse care.
My Horse and Me (PC DVD)
Price: £8.00
My Horse and Me is a unique gaming experience for anyone with an interest or passion for horses.
My Pony Stables
Price: £7.98
A fun and educational game for horse lovers of any age. Your very own farm is just down the road.
Pippa Funnell: Take the Reins (PC CD)
Price: £2.75
The player can organize her activities thanks to a new timetable interface.
Pony Luv
Price: £0.30
Pony Luv is perfect for those interested and have a great passion for little girls who love ponies.
The Horse Box Collection (PC CD)
Price: £11.25
An enthralling mix of adventure, puzzle-solving, horse riding action and information on learning to care for your horse.
Horses Value Pack (PC CD)
Price: £14.98
Start off by creating your own pony; you can choose the colour, the tail, the mane style and the breed.