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Equestrian Play Mats
Equestrian play mats provide a large amount for fun for young equestrian. Provide a place for the equestrian ride there horses and allow them to graze with a highly detailed, colourful equestrian play mat. We feature play mats with lots of roads to ride you horse transport or horsebox over as well as the addition of stables, horse fields for grazing and pastures. The Sport and Playbase brand of play mats are partially popular with kids.
Giant Equestrian Play Mat
Giant Equestrian Playmat by Sport and Playbase
Price: £32.95
Large brightly coloured equestrian themed playmat.
Giant Sycamore Farm Playmat
Giant Sycamore Farm Playmat by Sport and Playbase
Price: £32.95
Large brightly coloured playmat for any youngster.
Farm Playmat
Farm Playmat by Le Toy Van
Price: £24.99
Large play mat featuring farm land and equestrian scenes for riding your horses.
Breyer Play Mat
Breyer Play Mat by Breyer
Price: N/A
Ride your horse to the Grooming Centre and then on to the Café for a treat. Scale 1:32 Breyer Stablemates.
Breyer Stablemates Play Mat
Price: N/A
Build your own town by placing your Stablemate buildings onto the Play Mat and ride your horses.