Equestrian Mugs
Horse mugs and cups make a wonderful gift idea for any horse enthusiast or as a special something for yourself. A horse mug comes in a variety of horse illustrations, whether its horses galloping, horses head or horses running, we are show to feature something to your taste. Most of these feature cups are made from ceramic and porcelain, like any traditional mug in your household.
Chestnut Horse Coffee Mug
Ceramic Coffee Mug design and print: A gorgeous chestnut and white horse.
Chunky Mug I Love Horses Cup
Otter House Mug Coulourful Staffordshire gift mug.
Crazy Horses Horses Mug
Love this Crazy Horses mug, featuring numerous pictures of different coloured Horses.
Farm Animal Mug Horse
Farm Animal Mug Horse by The Tribeca Gift Company
Each Mug is made from ceramic and been hand painted.
Horse Brown Handmade Coffee Mug
This Blue Witch mug shows a beautiful brown horse.
Horse White Handmade Coffee Mug
This Blue Witch mug shows a beautiful white horse.
Horses in Love Coffee Mug
The horse image is duplicated and wrapped around to almost reach the mug handle on each side.
I Love Horses Mixed Horses Mug
This great mug is a must for anyone who loves horses.
I Love Horses Mug Gift Cup
Otter House Mug 'I Love Horses' Coulourful Staffordshire gift mug, decorated from an original painting.
I Love Horses Mug
I Love Horses Mug by Otter House
Anyone who sees you drinking from mug cannot fail to see your love for horses.
Mug & Coaster Set Horse Riding
Mug & Coaster Set Horse Riding by The Tribeca Gift Company
Each mug and coaster set is made from bone china
Pollyanna Pickering Wild Running Horses Boxed Mug
Decorated to a high quality featuring a row of running horses.
Running Free Horses Mug
If you are fed up of drinking your tea out of the same, boring old mug, then why not treat yourself to this great Horse mug.
Running Horses Mug
Running Horses Mug by Otter House
This stunning mug features The Running Horses design which includes various horse breeds.
Sea Canter Horse Mug
Sea Canter Horse Mug by Otter House
This mug has a superb image of a very majestic White Horse galloping along the coast.
Spring Meadow Horses Teatime Gift Set
This fantastic gift set features the Spring Meadow illustration.
The Horse Lovers Mug
The Horse Lovers Mug by Alan Titchmarsh
The Alan Titchmarsh 'Horse Lovers' Gardeners mug designed by Simon Drew.
3D Mug: Fjord Horses
3D Mug: Fjord Horses by Animal Prints
The mugs are dishwasher proof, and are on a pale cream background.