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Horse's Welfare - Leg Problems

Platform: DVD

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Product Description
Includes help on all aspects of 'Leg Problems' including Evolution, Interior, Exterior, Brittle Feet, Punctured Soles, Subsolar Infection, Brushing/Forging, Thrush, Hoof Canker, Navicular Syndrome, Laminitis, Chronic Joint Inflammation, Long Pastern Bone Fracture, Sesamoid Bone Fracture, Various Galls, Splint Bone Fracture, Splint Bone Tumour, Radialis Paralysis, Hock Joint Arthritis, Hock Joint Bursitis, Malfunctioning Of The Knee Joint, Hematoma, Ataxia, Jumping-Knee, Dermatitis, Tendon Injuries, Hoof Mechanism, and Various Shoes.
  • All Regions DVD
  • Running Time: 50 minutes