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Horse People with Alexandra Tolstoy [DVD]

Platform: DVD

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Product Description
“Alexandra Tolstoy… is intelligent, open-minded, up for anything and as tough as they come… intent on understanding the people whom she visits rather than judging them”--Sunday Times

Explorer and experienced horse rider Alexandra Tolstoy travels to Siberia, Spain and Montana to immerse herself in wildly diverse and unique horse-dependent cultures.

All around the world horses and humans make a formidable partnership, but in certain cultures the relationship between man and horse is fundamental to their lives. Alexandra Tolstoy, an adept and skillful rider herself, visits and lives in three such communities.

In Siberia, in temperatures of minus 33 degrees, Alexandra meets the nomadic Yakuts whose horses provide food, clothes, rugs, and most essentially, meat. Her stay in Spain finds Alexandra learning the skills of dressage, entering the bull ring and taking part in the most amazing horse pilgramage to El Rocio. Finally, she travels to Montana, where two cultures use the quarterhorse in very different ways: the cattle-herding, rodeo-riding cowboys, and the bareback riding, relay-racing Crow Indians.

Riding, working and looking after the horses with her hosts, Alexandra seeks to understand their relationship with these beautiful and elegant creatures.

  • Region 2 DVD
  • Certification: 15 And Over