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Pippa Funnell Good Foundations DVD
Price: £29.99
Feature aspects of riding with Pippa, working with 2 pupils as well as riding herself.
Pippa Funnell - Riding Your New Horse
Price: £20.99
In this DVD Pippa sets out a new series of exercises to help assess the new horse.
Polo - Improving Your Game
Price: £25.99
This DVD is designed to help all aspiring polo players learn the basics of the game.
Pony Club Stable
Price: £18.99
Double DVD covering handling and leading and health and condition.
Reach Out To Natural Horsemanship Volume 1
Price: £14.99
Reach Out To Natural Horsemanship Volume 1.
Road To The Top And The Grand Slam
Price: £20.99
The story of a charming but utterly dedicated horse woman who became the darling of Eventing
Rolex F.E.I. World Cup Dressage Final Las Vegas 2009
Price: £23.99
Highlights from the 2009 FEI World Cup Dressage final.
Rolex F.E.I. World Cup Jumping Final Las Vegas 2009
Price: £21.99
Highlights of the winning round from each competition.
Successful Dressage Vol.1-2
Price: £29.99
Featuring chaptors on What to expect of a Yearling. What to expect of a two year old, and more.
Successful Dressage Vol.3-4
Price: £29.99
Volume 3 of Aids, Paces & Transitions. Correct Seat of Rider. Application of Aids to name a few.
Successful Showjumping Eith Tim Stockdale Vol.2
Price: £15.99
From walking a course to basic jumping technique.
Successful Showjumping Eith Tim Stockdale Vol.3
Price: £15.99
How to warm up your horse for a competition and more.
The Best Of Jumping Training 2003
Price: £15.99
This programme features a compilation of 'best advice' from nine other training videos.
The FEI World Cup Showjumping Finals 2008
Price: £18.99
Highlights from the qualifying rounds and the final.
The Funnell Factor [DVD]
Price: £14.99
Pippa and William Funnell's live horse show is captured here for anyone seeking training advice.
The Spirit of Shetland
Price: £11.99
A 45 minute documentry, celebrating the Shetland pony in all it's moods.
Thrills And Spills - Vols. 1 And 2
Price: £19.99
A comical collection of some of the most embarrassing moments from the world of horse riding.
Through The Judge's Eye Medium And Advanced Medium
Price: £18.99
Must for all competitors, judges and aspiring judges.
Through The Judge's Eye Novice And Elementary
Price: £18.99
This DVD is a must for all competitors.
Yoga & Riding
Price: £13.07
Follow the yoga methods and learn how to achieve a balanced and symmetrical position.
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