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Delivery Details

When you order your items are actually sold and delivered by "Amazon UK" or "Amazon's Third-Party Sellers." Making an order from Amazon UK directly at the same time as Amazon's third-party sellers will incur two delivery charges. You can keep your delivery cost down by either buying from Amazon UK only or from one third-party seller. To find out more about Amazon's delivery policy please checkout their delivery homepage.

Amazon's UK Delivery Options:

  • Free UK Delivery (spend £5.00 or over on Amazon products only)
  • Express Delivery (£8.80 per delivery)
  • Evening Delivery (£14.67 per delivery)
  • Expedited Delivery (£6.84)

Amazon's International Delivery:

  • Europe Delivery (£4.00 plus 50p per kg)
  • International Delivery (NOT available from Amazon UK but some third-party sellers offer worldwide delivery)