Toy Stables
Toy stables make a wonderful addition to any young equestrians collection. Browse an impressive range of toy horse stables for your Breyer and Schleich horses. We also have traditional handmade wooden toy horse stables for your Papo horses. Featured in any good toy stable includes up to four stalls, tack room, with removable roofs for unlimited play value inside. Most wooden toy stables are hand painted.
Schleich Horse Stable
The deluxe Schleich horse stable and barn with sliding doors for easy entrance, and plenty of room for storage,
Schleich Grange
Schleich Grange by Schleich
The beautifully handmade Schleich Grange features stalls inside so you and your horse stay dry all day long.
Schleich Barn
Schleich Barn by Schleich
American style wooden Schleich Barn and Stable combination with wooden parts and some plastic.
Schleich Stable
Schleich Stable by Schleich
Old style stable where you can park up with your horse and tie them up with no fuss and hassle.
Wooden Horse Stables With Garage
Features 3 stables with opening doors and garage.
Wooden Painted Sunshine Horse Stables
Wonderfully painted wooden toy horse stable.
Bluebell Stables with Pony
Fantasty Le Toy Van Bluebell Stables with a Pony. Beautifully handmade and painted.
Two Horse Stable for Breyer Horses
British built wooden stable features 2 roomy stables.
Two Horse Stable and Tack Room for Breyer Horses
Exclusively designed and British built wooden toy stable.
Run-In Barn
Run-In Barn by Breyer
Expand your stables and give your horses a place to rest and relax with this Breyer Traditional Barn.
Classics Barn
Classics Barn by Breyer
The perfect home for your horses, the Classics Barn is the ideal place to rest after a day of fun.
Two Stall Barn
Two Stall Barn by Breyer
Keep your horses in the comfortable and stylish Breyer Two Stall Wood Barn.
Breyer Traditional Big Stable
This huge wooden stable is specifically made for your 1:9 scale Breyer Traditional horses with great detail.
Stablemates Red Stable Set
The Breyer Stablemates Red Stable Set provides a home for all of your 1:32 scale Stablemates horses.
Folding Horse Stable
Folding Horse Stable by Melissa & Doug
This wooden stable is fully assembled and ready for horseplay with dozens of features.
Fold & Go Stable
Fold & Go Stable by Melissa & Doug
Made from real wood with detailed features from stalls, doors, fencing and removeable roof for easy access.
Lego Duplo Horse Stables
The Duplo Horse Stable by Lego features dozens of Lego pieces for the young horse rider and friends.
Sunshine Stable
Sunshine Stable by Sport and Playbase
Traditional stable design by Sports and Playbase. Made from Real wood and hand painted with excellent detail.