Toy Horse Tack
Tack out your horse in the very latst horse fashion. Toy tack features a wide choice of horse clothing and accessories ranging anything from toy horse blankets, shipping boots, and pads. Most importantly, you will find the very best horse blankets from foal blankets, quilted stable blanket and weatherbeeta blanket. Toy horse tack is made to fit your Breyer horses with valtro fasteners and clips to keep the horse blankets in place.
Blue Foal Blanket
Wonderful Breyer Traditional foal blanket. Will fit all your scale 1:9 horses.
Pink Foal Blanket
In scale 1:9 and made to fit your Breyer Traditional foals.
Quilted Stable Blanket
Breyer Traditional 1:9 scale quilted stable blanket in purple.
Red Blanket & Shipping Boots
Bright red matching blanket and shipping boots to fit your Breyer traditional 1:9 scale horses.
Shipping Set
Shipping Set by Breyer
Protective boots and hood for shipping your Breyer Traditional 1:9 scale horse. Horse sold separately.
Weatherbeeta Blanket
Weatherbeeta Taka Freestyle blanket for your Breyer Traditional 1:9 scale horse. Horse sold separately.
Western Performance Riding Set
Detailed Western performance riding set is complete with a variety of accessories.
English Pads & Polos Hot Colours
English pads and polo wraps, set contains three different colours. 1 pink, 1 purple and 1 green.
Foal Blanket Set (Purple)
Basic Foal Blanket Set to fit your Breyer Traditional foals. Fitted on with ties and will match scale 1:9 horses.
Rambo Blanket
Rambo Blanket by Treasure Trove
After a long ride, cover your horse against the cold with the Rambo Blanket.