Toy Stable Kits
Kit out your toy horse stable with the latest toy stable kits. To insure your Breyer or Schleich horse is ready for shows and events always have on hand essential toy stable kits. Featuring grooming boxes and body brush, bag of feed, scoop, bath buckets, wheelbarrows and shovels, wooden saddle stand. Your toy stable kit must always contain items to suite you and horse.
Horse Care Gift Set
Featuring grooming box, body brush, hay bale, bag of feed, scoop, bucket and curry comb for Breyer's 1:12th.
Stable Cleaning Set
This set includes everything you need to keep your Breyer horse's stable clean and ready each day.
Wood Saddle Stand
Pack of one natural wood saddle stand suitable for Breyer Traditional saddles.
Metal Bucket
Metal Bucket by Happy Happy Horses
Metal bucket for your Breyer Classic horses in scale 1:12.
Stable Horse Tin Bath
Stable Horse Tin Bath by Happy Happy Horses
Can be used with Breyer Classics or Traditional Horses and makes a great addition to your stable set.