Toy Fencing
With toy horse stables and accessories comes toy fencing for the young equestrian to keep the horse safe and secure in their pasture or stableyard. A toy fence provides a place to hold the toy horse so they can be lookeed after properly in a smaller, confined space, or else the young equestrian will be running the horse across the field. You can you a toy fence for almost anything, whether that's create make-shift pastures, add extra space to a stable set or keep them secure when attending events and shows.
Le Toy Van Accessory Fences
Just in case you need more wooden fencing for your farmyard or riding stables.
Schleich Pasture Fence
The Schleich range of farm life accessories are perfect for enjoyable role play.
River Horse Ranch Stable
Realistic River Horse Ranch features fencing, hay, entrance gate and water trough.
Schleich Fence Set
Schleich Fence Set by Schleich
Basic but a vital piece of equipment for the young equestrian.
Fence with Gate
Fence with Gate by Schleich
Bring to life your very own ranch with this wonderfully detailed Schleich fencing with gate.